"Sokoban Automatic Solver" for windows.

Version 7.2 (AUG/2007)

     New Version 7.3 is here.

1. Introduction
Sokoban is a puzzle game which Hiroyuki Imabayashi devised in 1982.
This program finds a solution of the sokoban. (not optimal)
2. Download (free)
sokoban72.exe (256KB)
3. Basic usage
Please load any file that is formatted for xsokoban.
      [File] or [Folder] or [Clip](Clipboard)
If it has multi levels, you can choose a level freely in that.
And Click [Solve]. Please try suitably except it.

   This program uses max memory in default.
   This solver's trace buffer size is 10000 moves.
   But the counter of moves and pushes is performed.
4. Performance
This program solved 86 levels in XSokoban(90 levels).
--> XSokoban 86/ 90
        Time limit 600sec (CPU Athlon64 3200+ 2.0GHz)
        With memory 1000MB (Physical memory: 1.5GB)
5. Author
Ken'ichiro Takahashi (Takaken), JAPAN.
    Thanks. Interface adviser: Ming(lw)

Sokoban copyright(c) 1982- THINKING RABBIT Inc. Japan

My Sokoban's Levels