"Sokoban Automatic Solver" for windows.

Version 7.2.2 (JAN/2008)

     New Version 7.3.1 is here.

1. Introduction
Sokoban is a puzzle game which Hiroyuki Imabayashi devised in 1982.
This program finds a solution of the sokoban. (not optimal)
2. Download (free)
sokoban722.exe (256KB)  or (119KB)
3. Basic usage
Please load any file that is formatted for xsokoban.
      [File] or [Folder] or [Clip](Clipboard)
If it has multi levels, you can choose a level freely in that.
And Click [Solve]. Please try suitably except it.
4. Performance
This program solved 86 levels in XSokoban(90 levels).

 Ver7.2 -> Ver7.2.2
  1. Bugfix "freeze deadlocks".
  2. Bugfix for unsolvable level.
  3. Addition message "unsolvable".
  4. Increase trace buffer (10000moves -> 20000moves)
  5. Trace button pops up the solution data again.


5. Author
Ken'ichiro Takahashi (Takaken), JAPAN.
  Thanks Adviser Ming. (Solver Statistics)

Sokoban copyright(c) 1982- THINKING RABBIT Inc. Japan

My Sokoban's Levels