"Sokoban Automatic solver" for windows.

Sokoban copyright(c) 1982- Thinking Rabbit Inc. Japan

Version 7.0 (JAN/2003)

1. Introduction
Sokoban is a puzzle game which Hiroyuki Imabayashi devised in 1982.
This software finds a solution of the Sokoban. (not Optimal)
2. Operating system
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.
3. Download (67KB)
4. Installation
This software runs only by the one file "sokoban.exe".
5. Basic usage
Choose a sample level after clicking [Sample].
A click of [Solve] button finds a solution of the level.
A click of [Trace] button displays the found solution.
Please try suitably except it.
6. Performance
This program found a solution of 78 levels among the xsokoban (90 levels).
--> details [CPU: AthlonXP 2100++(1.73GHz)]
7. Algorithm
This program uses Best-first search with Means-ends analysis as the basic search algorithm.
And this treats a action which carries one box continuously as a Unit.

I don't show the source code. Because, the research is under continuation.
However, the description page of algorithm may be opened in Japanese.

8. Author
Ken'ichiro Takahashi (takaken), JAPAN.

Sokoban copyright(c) 1982- THINKING RABBIT Inc. Japan

My Sokoban's Levels