3OX Intelligent

This is a board game that you play against a computer, like the tic-tac-toe.

win 5 consecutive games.
- You can decide whether to take the initiative or the second move.
- Your pieces are red and computer pieces are blue.
- The triple circle piece immediately after placing becomes a double circle after the next move, then becomes a single circle, and finally disappears from the board.
- The winner is to arrange three pieces in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
- And the goal of this game is to "winning 5 consecutive games".

How to win.
Victory form
If you see this form, put it in a blank place.
It will be in this form.
The next time the computer acts, it will be like this.
You can line up 3 pieces.

However, computers do not easily provide "Victory form".
Then, let's consciously make a "Victory form".
Attention form
This form is a chance to make a "Victory form".
Put it in a blank place.
The next time the computer does something invalid...

Victory form has appeared.
But if the computer does something invalid.
It's finally an explanation of how to win.
Complete form

Where do you put the piece?
There is an Attention form in the rightmost column.

It is correct to put it in the lower right corner.
The computer must protect the bottom row.

The Victory form appears in the rightmost column.

When successful

Please register the KeyWord displayed after winning 5 consecutive games using the form below.
It will be recorded on the "Congratulations!" page.



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