How to play

Player moves by following the mouse pointer.
Be careful with water, as Player can't swim.
You can click and hold a stone or watermelon.
When you click on Player's body while you are
holding item, eat watermelon, throw stone.
Game purpose

Eat all the watermelons.

There are 5 stages. Please click the [START] button.
Music by takaken, OtoLogic
Stage 1:  Let's understand the nature of stones and watermelons.
Stage 2:  Let's make a stair with 3 balls.
Stage 3:  If you can't do it well, try changing your mindset.
Stage 4:  Imagine a watermelon flying in the sky.
Stage 5:  Let's use even obstructive objects.

When all successful

Please register the KeyWord displayed after solving all the stages using the form below. It will be recorded on the "Congratulations!" page.


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