Game purpose

Eat all the watermelons. (Go to the next stage)
How to play

Player moves by following the mouse pointer.
Be careful with water, as Player can't swim.
Player can walk with stone or watermelon.
The place where you can take or put,
it is the 3 squares in front. (See right diagram)
When you click on Player's body while you are
holding item, eat watermelon, throw stone.

There are 5 stages. Please click the [START] button.
Music by takaken, OtoLogic
Stage 1:  Let's understand the nature of stones and watermelons.
Stage 2:  Let's make a stair with 3 balls.
Stage 3:  If you can't do it well, try changing your mindset.
Stage 4:  Imagine a watermelon flying in the sky.
Stage 5:  Let's use even obstructive objects.

When all successful

Please register the KeyWord displayed after solving all the stages using the form below. It will be recorded on the "Congratulations!" page.


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