Tutorial of WATTA

Game purpose
Eat all the watermelon. (to the next stage)

How to move Tom
Tom moves by following the mouse pointer.
Walls with more than one step cannot be advanced.
Be careful with water, as Tom can't swim.

How to use items
You can pick and put things in the 3 squares in front.
When you click on Tom's body while you are holding something, eat watermelon, throw other.

Be careful of narrow stairs

You can climb the narrow stairs, but you cannot get down.

Basic technique
and can throw then erase.
can be used as a springboard. too.
• Tom is good at climbing trees.
and float on the water so you can walk on them.
• You can do it like billiards where you throw a ball to a ball.

There are 5 stages. Please click the [START] button.
This is an exercise. Please play and try to solve it.

Music by takaken, OtoLogic
Tips Even while Tom is walking, you can click on the item you want to take and the place you want to put it in advance.
(However, only the next operation)


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