It is a challenge for those who have solved all of Season 1.
It's a familiar stage, but something is a little different.
There are 5 stages. Please click the [START] button.
Music by takaken, OtoLogic
As you solve each stage, the StagePass is displayed.
Next time you enter it, you'll be able to start from there.

Stage 1:  Stage 5 of Junior. The position of the hepo is misaligned, but it's already easy.
Stage 2:  Stage 4 of Special. Hepoh's whereabouts were taken by Gapoh.
Stage 3:  Stage 5 of Special. This is just one stone missing.
Stage 4:  Stage 2 of Freak. You can't eat watermelon along the way.
Stage 5:  Stage 5 of Freak. Difficulty on this stage will also vary greatly from person to person.

Tips Even while Tom is walking, you can click on the item you want to take and the place you want to put it in advance.
(However, only the next operation)

When all successful

Please register the KeyWord displayed after solving all the stages using the form below. It will be recorded on the "Congratulations!" page.


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