Enter the second half of the new series. Please play carefully.
There are 5 stages. Please click the [START] button.
Music by takaken, OtoLogic
As you solve each stage, the StagePass is displayed.
Next time you enter it, you'll be able to start from there.

Stage 1:  Please choose what you want to erase and what you don't.
Stage 2:  This is the WATTA! But I just decorated a big gap.
Stage 3:  The correct route is as you expected.
Stage 4:  Transform into a Teleportation Magician.
Stage 5:  "Jack and the Beanstalk".

Tips Even while Tom is walking, you can click on the item you want to take and the place you want to put it in advance.
(However, only the next operation)

When all successful

Please register the KeyWord displayed after solving all the stages using the form below. It will be recorded on the "Congratulations!" page.


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