MOP for Sokoban
(Mouse Operating Player)

Version 2.2 (Nov/2023)


It's not a rare item, but it's a SOKOBAN game that can be played with just mouse operations.
Click on the BOX you want to move, and then click on the location where you want to move it, and it will automatically carry the BOX for you.

You can enjoy the levels created by various people around the world, and you can also create your own levels.
When you are in trouble and can't solve it, there is also a help function available.

Download (v2.2  2023/11/25)
    mop.exe (328KB)  for Windows 64bit.
        (Max size depend on the Display resolution)

About blue arrow mark
Click on the box you want to move and a blue frame
will be displayed. Next,
Depending on where you want to move the box,
the player's free area may change.
In such cases, a blue arrow mark is displayed.
At that time, you can select the player's free area
by "clicking the arrow mark".
The right figure shows a rare case where 4 arrow
marks are displayed.
Next, depending on which arrow mark you click,
the player's free area will move to either Area
A, B, C, or D.   Note that it is also okay to click
on a location without an arrow mark.

You can use 'Undo'
Sometimes you want to undo your current action while playing.
In that case, you can undo it with the [Undo] button.
You can also do the same by right-clicking at any location.
If you want to start over from the beginning, please click the [Restart].

Mouse Operation and Guard mode
When you click on the BOX you want to move, the possible locations are shown in yellow.
Next, click on the location where you want to move it, but the yellow display varies depending on whether the Guard mode is on or off.
If Guard mode is enabled, locations that should never be carried are not shown in yellow.
(This figure below shows the display when the BOX in the blue frame is clicked)
However, this function is only auxiliary, and there may be locations that should not be carried that are also shown in yellow. It may be impossible to display them completely.

Instant Move
You can save time by cutting out the animation effects of carrying a box.

Calling an external solver
By using [Solver] in MOP, you can call an external solver (automatic solution program).
The available solvers are the most excellent Festival and those that support simple parameters (-in -out -time) such as takaken74.
The solver program must be placed in the same folder as MOP, as shown in the image below.
Download site.
  Other:    Please search from Solver_Statistics

Edit mode
MOP also has a Level creation mode.(very low functionality)
You can take out the Level you created with [Level out].
Of course, you can also play directly by switching to [Play].
If you paste it into a text editor and save it to a file,
you can also load it from [File].
About 'Actions'
MOP displays three workloads: Moves, Pushes, and Actions. Actions is generally called BoxChanges, but since it is the operation method of MOP, I called it Actions.
However, in the case of a level with only one BOX in a maze, its unique puzzle nature will be lost, but there is no way around it.

Change skin
You can change the skin to one that you have redrawn yourself.

Redraw "mop_skin.bmp" downloaded from below, Please place it
in the same folder as MOP. Prioritize your "mop_skin.bmp".

    mop_skin.bmp@(download/save by right-clicking)
    sample_skin.bmp@(It's a simple sample)

Please note that it must be in bitmap format.
Do not change the file name mop_skin(.bmp).
Do not change the size and position of images.
 Edit mode
 Play mode

Future MOP
I received various requests for MOP and was able to complete the current MOP.
However, I am not good at coding Windows interfaces.
Despite receiving very good advice, I could not implement the following requests.

   # Window resizing function with zoom in/out.
   # Addition of shortcut keys and tooltips.
   # Enable play using the keyboard.
   # Enhance the Editor function.
   # Partial modification function of solution data.

I apologize for my lack of ability. In the future, it may only be bug fixes. However, actually, the reason I created MOP was because I wanted an app to search for ideas for developing solvers.
If there is to be a future version upgrade, I think the main focus will be "improving the performance of the guard mode". The current guard mode does not have satisfactory performance.

Sokoban is a copyrighted of Hiroyuki Imabayashi and Falcon Co., Ltd.
Please note that this site and downloads may be closed depending on the situation.